rheatoysPlay Therapy is my passion!

I use these techniques for working with both children and adults. It is a way for everyone to really sort through feelings in a unique way that allows us to have fun through the healing process.

We all need to play!

The testimonials below are from Satisfaction Surveys written about me and my work:

“Rhea is wonderful! She is really helping me!”

- Heidi B.

“Rhea helped me get down to the underlying problems that I hadn’t recognized”.

- James H

“Rhea listens and cares about me and my child is doing great.”

- Jennifer B.

"Rhea was a great help dealing with the abuse of our daughter by a family friend. I don't know what we would have done without her."

- Sandra S.

“K____ (child) had a lot of issues that needed to be resolved. It only took a few sessions to work through them.”

- Stacey S.

“Rhea is helping me resolve the issues that brought me in to see her”.

- Howie N.

“I feel very comfortable with Rhea and I feel motivated.”

- Melanie S.

"I look at it as a fine tuning that has improved the harmony in our home."

- Will R.